TFTPd 64

TFTPd is tiny utility allows you to upload and download backups. This utility serves TFTP, Syslog. Very useful utility you can try it.

TFTPd 32

TFTPd is tiny utility allows you to upload and download backups. This utility serves TFTP, Syslog. Very useful utility you can try it.
3CDAEMON This utility is also more popular and easy to install. This utility has TFTP, FTP and syslog feature. This utitility allows you to upload and download backup from remote system. An administrator should have this utility if they are looking for quick solution. Download toady and enjoy it’s free
IPSWITCH Whatsup Gold It is one of the network monitoring software and does very well job. This utility has features like analyzing, Monitoring and discovering entire network map, The trial version is always available. You can download it from here.. Start monitoring your network
Splunk Light This tool is mostly used in production and can give solution to manage log files. It has syslog funcationality,
Kiwi Syslog Highly reliable and flexible syslog server and easy to use, This is very easy to setup and manages syslogs coming from network devices. Download today a free trial version
SolarWind TFTP one of the most popular tool to push OS image, firmware and configure updates, Backup configuration files, and transfer files upto 4GB
SolarWind SFTP/SCP Server for free It’s great utility which has SFTP and SCP server features inbuilt, It is mostly used and robust tool, You can transfer and download IOS or firmware upto 4GB

Remote Access Utilities

Secure CRT Secure CRT is very useful utility to access devices remotely using CLI, Secure CRT has strong encryption and broad range for authentication options. Tool has features to open multiple tabs, SecureCRT allows you to send command to multiple tabs from single tab


Teraterm is similar tool to Secure CRT but it’s free tool, it is open source emulator software. This tool also allows user to open multiple tabs.
Putty Most popular tiny and lighweight utility for Administrator, This is called ssh and telnet client. This tool is freely available and open source

Port Scanner

Advance IP Scanner Most trusted IP scanner tool, It is highly reliable and free network scanner. This tool can you access to shared resources on the network. Its very useful utility to discover devices connected to network. Features – Remote control via RDP – MAC address Detection – Turning on and off computer remotely – Export scanned result to CSV – Access to shared resources – Installation is not required

Colasoft MAC Scanner

This tool can scan MAC addresses and MAC addresses, It has feauters to detect all the subnets automatically. It is more efficient tool and easy to use
Nmap It is very old tool to discover the open port of the remote machine. Nmap is free and open source tool for network discovery and security auditing, It is very useful and mostly used by networt administrator Features – Powerfull – Portable – Easy – Flexible – free


Cisco Packet Tracer 7.0 64bit Cisco Packet tracer is simulation software developed by Cisco, Tool was intially developed by Cisco for Cisco Network Academy, This tool allows you to create topologies as many as you want, Student and instructor can use this tool for training purpose and live demo.

Cisco Anyconnect

It is web based VPN client from Cisco. Anyconnect Secure mobile client bundle is available to download for Windows, Mac OS, Linux platforms for ASA Firewall.
Cisco VPN Client x86/x64 bit Very Popular cisco VPN client from Cisco. You can downoad it for windows, Linux, Mac OS at single place

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